InvestmentDevelopmentProperty managementSocial responsibility

We know what kind of residential product people tend to buy and rent in Ukraine

As a fee developer SK Development covers such aspects of residential development:

  • Market survey (costs, sales price, sales schedule, most appropriate apartment layouts) based on our knowledge of Ukrainian market
  • Audit of the existing project in terms of layouts, sales price, sales program
  • Technical audit of the land plot or project
  • Receiving all the necessary land plot documentation
  • Choosing the proper architect and work with architects on the project creation
  • Receiving all the necessary project permissions. Work with local authorities
  • Engineering and fire protection consultancy
  • Organizing tender procedures and contracting
  • Construction supervisions:
    • Site management
    • Construction supervision
    • Cost and progress control
    • Regular reporting of work progress
    • Security of the construction plot
  • Project commissioning
  • Organizing the process of project sales, brokerage, and marketing
  • Project financing initiation and investment management
  • Asset management
    • Operations and maintenance planning
    • Pro-forma
    • Building maintenance
    • Security
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